The benefits of the Linux operating system as an application server


Application developers have always faced a dilemma in choosing the operating system for your application server. There are multiple servers operating systems on the market, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. It is very important to know the pros and cons of each server operating system so that server administrators can choose the best according to the requirements. But according to market trends, it is the most popular operating systems today server using the Linux server.

The main advantage is the cost of maintaining a Linux server is relatively low. It has been observed that the whole process to install, maintain and support a server that runs on the Linux operating system is very profitable, it is most desirable for small-scale applications.

Most operating systems for servers themselves are single user applications, where you can install OS for a single user on a single machine. Furthermore, Linux can be installed on any number of computers. Also, Linux is considered extremely advanced regarding safety. Therefore, install a Linux for the server as an added advantage that it is not necessary to invest separately in server protection from viruses and other malicious attacks. There are very few viruses written for the Linux operating system, and most importantly, most of them security features of Linux are filtered.

The other main advantage of using Linux is the free choice it provides. It provides a lot of options for users when it comes to tools and applications since it is an open source product for developers around the world contribute code daily. As a result, there are a lot of programs and tools that can be used for server management and other activities. For example, if the text editor, Linux has five editors popular to choose text.


Linux hardware dependent is relatively lower than other operating systems that can optimize performance on systems with lower specifications. In fact, there are certain infrastructures based on Linux, where you can drive a lot of thin clients together as a distributed server.

The final decision to choose the server software depends on the requirements and other factors as development tools for use. But there is a better decision to go to a Linux-based server because of its enhanced security features and freedom of the server administration tasks.

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